Fiction Review: Never Too Late by Jo Barney


TITLE & AUTHOR: Never Too Late by Jo Barney
PUBLISHER: Penner Publishing
RELEASE DATE: September 14 2015
PAGES: 284 pages




I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Decades ago, a shotgun wedding locked Edith into a life with a husband she’s not sure she ever loved. Now, at a ‘certain age,’ she feels like a ghost in her own life, wondering where all this came from: the scornful husband, the mercenary brood of grandchildren, the well-meaning but controlling daughter-in-law. Then one Christmas morning Edith wakes to find her husband dead, and the role she played for so long crumbling.

Soon questions arise about her husband’s death, and papers discovered in his pockets send Edith unravelling secrets of the man she thought she knew. Edith’s son Brian is the focus of her life, but he may not be as perfect as she thought. Revelations that he might be cheating shock her. As Edith investigates the mysteries of her family, she may just find who she truly is.


‘Yeah?’ a voice asks when he rings the bell.


Never Too Late is an emotional roller-coaster. Once I started to get into the novel I couldn’t put it down. The characters are brilliant. I thought Edith was wonderfully real and raw. I loved the way the author explored Edith and Art’s unhappy marriage. It must have been very hard for her to be married to someone who treated her and their son with such cold disdain. It must have been equally hard for him married to someone out of obligation to avoid a scandal. The main theme of this novel is secrets and how they can devastate those who have been lied to once they are revealed. Never Too Late is jam packed with secrets. Art kept many secrets from his unhappy wife. I felt awful for Edith unravelling all of his secrets after his death. Her son kept secrets and the consequences were almost disastrous. At the end, Edith understands Art a little more and has a better, stronger relationship with her son, daughter-in-law and grand-children which are good things. I really liked how Edith develops over the course of the novel, becoming much stronger and more assertive. Never Too Late is a wonderful novel.




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  1. Well this has gone on the wish list – sounds just my type of read. Sadly I’m on a book buying ban for June so I need to stop digging around your blog because it’s just too tempting – I’m following you now though for sure – it looks like we enjoy the same sort of books.

    1. The author’ other two books, The Runaway and Her Last Words are also excellent. The reviews are on my blog as well. I’m a member of NetGalley and my shelf is out of control so I’m trying just to focus on clearing those but it seems every day I see about a dozen books I MUST READ! Sigh!

      1. Thank you Pamela – I am on NG too although I’ve been slightly more restrained this year as since blogging I acquire books far faster than I can read them. Great to ‘meet you’ 🙂

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