Review: A Small Weeping by Alex Gray


A Small Weeping by Alex Gray
Allison & Busby (ebook), 2004
256 Pages

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Amazon (UK)


The body of a prostitute is found at Glasgow’s Queen Street Station, her hands, pointing towards her feet, placed as if in prayer, a small flower pressed between the palms. Psychologist Solomon Brightman is called to assist DCI Lorimer in the murder hunt, with the hope that his lateral thinking will shine a light on the case from a different angle. But before any conclusions can be drawn, the body of a nurse is discovered at The Grange, a private clinic. Aside from the careful arrangement of the corpses, there is no obvious connection between the victims; Lorimer and Solomon are still very much in the dark. Then a third body turns up, and it seems increasingly clear that they have a serial killer on their hands.


The feather wafted upwards, a fine wispy curve, and for seconds it sailed the air.


This was my first time reading Alex Gray.

A Small Weeping is a well-written, enjoyable crime novel. I thought it was great. I really enjoyed the bits set in and around Glasgow. I’ve lived in Glasgow for ten years. The author captures the city really well and really brings it to life. I could visualise everything. Despite the grim subject matter, the author manages to avoid an excess of blood and gore. I hate crime novels where the author feels the need to go into minute detail. The characters are all well-written and completely believable. My favourite was Phyllis, the old woman with MS who’s unable to speak. She reminded me a lot of my gran, who had Alzheimer’s disease towards the end of her life. I had no idea who the killer or killers were so I was surprised when this was revealed.

A Small Weeping is a great book. I plan to read more of this author.




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