Review: You Are Designed To Be Together Forever by Dean Koontz


You Are Designed To Be Together Forever by Dean Koontz
Harper (ebook), 2014
40 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)


Odd Thomas’s singular journey is approaching its unforgettable conclusion in SAINT ODD. But before Odd’s destiny is revealed, this exclusive eBook short story looks back to where it all began for Odd Thomas and Stormy Llewellyn, two souls who are destined to be together forever.

Odd Thomas, a 16 year old fry-cook with a gift for seeing the recently deceased, and his girlfriend Stormy Llewellyn (and in the backseat, the spirit of Elvis Presley) are on their way to the annual carnival when a man with a machete embedded in his neck hurls himself into their borrowed car, with all the nimble grace of the lingering dead.

Someone, somewhere close by is in imminent danger. Odd and Stormy must postpone their visit to the fair and its fortune-telling machine in order to avert a brutal crime…


My four-hundred-pound friend and mentor, P. Oswald Boone, the famous mystery writer, says that although he has in his refrigerator cheeses older than I am, sixteen is not too young to write worthwhile prose, as long as I write about what I know, which in my case means a girl called Stormy Llewellyn, the ghost of Elvis Presley, brutal murder and revenge from beyond the grave.


You Are Designed To Be Together is a great story for Odd Thomas fans. I love the Odd Thomas books and this was a treat. In this short story, Koontz recounts the story often referenced in the books – of the Gypsy Mummy at the fairground and the fortune it tells Odd and Stormy before darkness enters their lives. This story serves as a sort of prequel to the books. I loved it. It made me sad that Odd Thomas’s story is over.




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