Book Review: Teagan of Tomorrow (Legend of Rhyme Series Vol. 1 Book 3) by Jaime Lee Mann


Teagan of Tomorrow (Legend of Rhyme Series Vol. 1 Book 3) by Jaime Lee Mann
Blue Moon Publishers (ebook), 2015
144 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)

I got this book from the publisher via NetGalley exchange for an honest review.


The powerful sorcerer Asgall has been banished from the magic realm of Coraira, but not before throwing twins Asher and Ariana Caine into the future. In a place and time without magic, the two are on their own, unable to use their powers to get back home.

Meanwhile, a new darkness has entered Coraira, threatening all of the world’s magic and all of those who practice it. Only the combined power of Asher, Ariana, and a mysterious girl named Teagan can protect the realms.

Will the twins find Teagan in time?

Could this new darkness strangle all of the world’s light?

What if the twins never get back to the people and place they love?


TEAGAN SITS cross-legged on her threadbare pink bedspread, trying to get comfortable on the lumpy old mattress.


Teagan of Tomorrow is my favourite of the Legend of Rhyme series so far. I liked how the past and future blends together. This is quite different from the last two books because the characters are older and part of it takes place in modern times. Once again, the author does a great job of bringing the characters and magical realms to life. I had more emotional connection with this book than the other two. There is more action, suspense and surprises in this volume. Once again, the book contains plenty of shock and surprises. Teagan of Tomorrow is a delightful book and ends on a cliff-hanger like the previous two. I might just need to read book four.




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