Book Review: Into Coraira (Legend of Rhyme Series Vol. 1 Book 2) by Jaime Lee Mann


Into Coraira (Legend of Rhyme Series Vol. 1 Book 2) by Jaime Lee Mann
Blue Moon Publishers (ebook), 2015
202 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)

I got this book from the publisher via NetGalley n exchange for an honest review.


The Kingdom of Falmoor has been freed of its curse. The evil one, banished to the dark realm.

Finally reunited after an eight year separation, Asher and Ariana Caine learn they possess magic—a magic more powerful when they’re together.

But the Caine twins don’t have much time to discover their powers before they face a new threat. This time, it’s not just Rhyme that’s at risk, but also the magical realm of Coraira, as the evil sorcerer Asgall plans to take over all the world’s magic. And he wants the twins’ powers to help him do it.

Can the twins defeat Asgall before he destroys everything and everyone they love?


HIS BREATH hangs in clouds in the early morning air, the only sign that someone – or something – lurks among the rubble of Elora’s fallen statue.


Into Coraira picks up where Elora of Stone finished. I enjoyed this quite a bit more than Elora of Stone. This book is slightly darker in stone. There’s more plot in this book and some questions left hanging in the first book are answered. The imagery used is stunning and very descriptive and I liked the magical realm of Coraira. Boys and girls of all ages will be enthralled. The Legend of Rhyme series would be perfect bedtime reading material for children. I enjoyed when it’s revealed what happened to the missing twins. I thought the pixies were cute and irritating. I liked the way Into Coraira ends an I’m off to read the next volume, Teagan of Tomorrow.




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