Book Review: Elora of Stone (Legend of Rhyme Series Vol. 1 Book 1) by Jaime Lee Mann

91DRfv2fzrL._SL1500_Elora of Stone (Legend of Rhyme Series Vol. 1 Book 1) by Jaime Lee Mann
Blue Moon Publishers (ebook), 2014
208 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)

I got this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Four-year-old Asher Caine vanishes while playing near the woods one day with his sister Ariana. Eventually, his family believes him to be dead.

In the Kingdom of Falmoor, twins are cursed. Ever since the evil sorcerer Larque turned the good witch Elora to stone, all twins in the Kingdom are doomed to separate, either through death or mysterious disappearances.

Now about to turn thirteen, Ariana learns that her brother is alive, and she must find him in order to save Falmoor. With their magic blood and powerful bond, the Caine twins must release Elora from her stone imprisonment. Only then will Larque be stopped from spreading darkness throughout the kingdom.

Will the twins find each other in time? Can they save Falmoor from evil and remove the curse of the twins forever?


GRIMBLEROD REACHES one grimy green hand up into the thin white roots of the plants above. His other hand steadies the candle near eye level. The roots twist in knots, curling into each other, clinging to the dirt like tiny gnarled fists. Grimblerod pinches two long dirty fingers around a juicy grub.


Elora of Stone is a fun, imaginative fantasy book for children. I found this an easy read but highly enjoyable. This is exactly the sort of book I’d have loved as child. This is a very short book but plenty happens. There are more twists and turns than some blockbusters. I enjoyed the pacing and the characters and the unexpected twist at the end. This book is packed with everything about magic and fairies and magical realms that have been so popular in recent years. The descriptions are vivid and memorable. Elora of Stone is a delight.




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