Book Review: Crystal by Susan Hill

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Crystal by Susan Hill
Long Barn Books (ebook), 2012
20 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)


A young Irishman, the only son of six children, is steered by his mother into the seminary and then the priesthood, only to discover that he has made the wrong choice in life. Sent to a parish in England, he makes a decision which has consequences as momentous as his initial mistake.


Shelagh. Eileen. Bernadette. Clare, and Catherine.
From the first moment, Mary Maguire knew his destiny. They all did. John, the son, the gift she has to give back.


Crystal is an enjoyable little story. I liked John’s character. He’s well-written and very believable. Hill does a great job at showing his confusion and despair as he starts to doubt the choices he has made. I particularly enjoyed the scenes with the other priest and how they clash which makes John even more miserable. I loved the way the story concludes and the drastic action John takes to cure his misery. Crystal is quite sad and touching at times.




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