Book Review: Grave Intent by Alexander Hartung


Grave Intent by Alexander Hartung
AmazonCrossing (ebook), 2016
320 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)

I got this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Late one night, a man calls the local emergency line. He’s in a cemetery, and he’s just discovered a freshly dug grave marked with a wooden cross bearing his name. The dispatcher thinks it’s the ravings of a drunk—until the police find the man’s body the next day.

What seemed like a morbid prank soon becomes a living nightmare for Berlin detective Jan Tommen. Recently reinstated to the force after a harrowing case’s tragic conclusion, Jan enlists his friends—debt collector Chandu, hacker Max, and medical examiner Zoe—to help. Yet the unconventional team can’t get any closer to finding the killer, and new open graves keep turning up, each with a promise of murder. Can they find the cunning killer before the deadly predictions are fulfilled?

From Alexander Hartung, author of Until the Debt Is Paid, comes another heart-stopping instalment of the Jan Tommen Investigation series.


‘I’m standing at my own grave’. The voice was shaky and hard to understand over the phone.


Grave Intent is a great thriller packed with suspense and intrigue. I loved the opening of the novel. The story fairly rattles along as more graves are discovered and bodies start to pile up. I loved the idea of a crazed killer who created a freshly dug grave for their intended victims. You can’t say they weren’t warned something bad would happen. I really like the characters, who were all complex and well-drawn. Grave Intent ticks all the boxes of the kind of mystery/crime thriller I love to read. Although this is the second novel in a series I don’t feel like I got half the story or have missed out by not reading the first book about Jan Tommen. Grave Intent is definitely a page turner.




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