Poetry Review: Blue Murder by Howard Wright


Blue Murder by Howard Wright
Templar Poetry (paperback), 2011
19 Pages

Publisher’s Website (Author Page)

Publisher’s Website (Book Page)

Amazon (UK)


Howard Wright was born in Portadown, Co Armagh. His first collection, King of Country, was published by Blackstaff Press in 2010 and shortlisted for the London New Poetry Awards. Howard read from this collection at the 2010 Derwent Poetry Festival.

Previous pamphlets include Yahoo (Lapwing Press, 1990) and Usquebaugh (Redbeck Press, 1997).

Blue Murder
Her smile was an untested poem.
I’m glad of all the people I have
Never met. The red-blooded biro
Was making notes: My conscience hurts
With the ability to turn darkened halls
Into facts.

I’ve never read this poet before.

Similar to Kim Lasky’s Eclipse, I got a free copy of this short collection a couple of years ago because of my subscription to iOTA magazine.

Blue Murder is an enjoyable little collection of poems. I really liked the language and imagery the poet uses. I found the poems very rich and vivid, and impressive for such a short collection. Howard Wright is another poet I’ll seek out in the future. My favourite poems were Blue Murder, The Crazies, The Night-Gate and Between the Lines.

Blue Murder is an enjoyable little collection of poems and a good introduction to the work of this poet.




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