Poetry Review: New Poetries V – An Anthology


New Poetries V – An Anthology
Carcanet Press (ebook), 2011
264 Pages

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What’s It’s About
For two decades New Poetries has been a proving-ground for new poets in English from around the world. Here readers first encountered, in generous selections, work by, among others, Caroline Bird, Stephen Burt, Sophie Hannah, Emma Jones, Nicole Krauss, Patrick McGuinness, Kei Miller, David Morley, Sinéad Morrissey, Togara Muzanenhamo, Matthew Welton and Jane Yeh. Published from Manchester, the anthologies overlook national borders, instead providing vistas across a worldscape.

This Is Yarrow by Tara Bergin

In this country house I had a dream of the city
As if the thick yarrow heads had told me,
As if the chokered dove had told me,
Or the yellow elder seeds had made me ask –

What I Thought
New Poetries V is an enjoyable, diverse collection of poems.

This collection contains poems for just about every taste. I really enjoyed how many different themes and styles the collection contains. There are poems written in a more traditional style. There are also great arrays of contemporary poems. I enjoyed reading so many poems that were different from each other.

I’d never read the work of any of the poets before, not to my knowledge anyway. I really enjoyed finding so many new poets.

I enjoyed the work of every poet in the collection. There are a few poems that I loved. Portrait of the Artist’s Wife as a Younger Woman by Tara Bergin, The Art of Escape by Mina Gorji, Black Swallows from the Desert by Evan Jones, Plainsong by Sheri Benning and The Rooms I Move In by Jee Leong Koh. The rest of the poems were enjoyable but these ones were a bit more pleasurable to read.

I discovered a few new poets I’ll hopefully go on to read more of. I absolutely loved Sheri Benning’s poems. They’re fine examples of the kind of poems I love. Another great poet I discovered is Judith Jedamus. She uses language beautifully. I thought John Dennison and Lucy Tunstall’s poems were great.

New Poetries V is a great collection of diverse, rich poems. Highly recommended.

This collection contains too many poems to list individually and includes work from the following poets:

  • Tara Bergin
  • Oli Hazzard
  • James Womack
  • Lucy Tunstall
  • Alex Wylie
  • Mina Gorji
  • Arto Vaun
  • David C. Ward
  • William Letford
  • Helen Tookey
  • Dan Burt
  • Will Eaves
  • Evan Jones
  • Henry King
  • Rory Waterman
  • Sheri Benning
  • Vincenz Serrano
  • Janet Kofi-Tsekpo
  • Katharine Kilalea
  • Jee Leong Koh
  • Judith Jedamus
  • John Dennison




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