Blood Red by Paul Kane
Short, Scary Tales Publications (ebook), expected publication: December 2015
334 Pages

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I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for a review.

What It’s About
Evil takes on many forms. This is something Rachael Daniels, a lowly care worker, is about to find out . . . personally. Because something is roaming the streets of the city where she lives, something with a taste for human blood: sweet, red blood. Something that can be anything it wants to be. Soon Rachael will learn that not even friendly faces can be trusted. But, as she makes her way across that city at night on an errand of mercy, she discovers this terrifying creature will definitely have none for her.

Blood RED
In the aftermath of the events in RED, the hunt is back on—but who is the hunter and who is the prey? As a team of trackers—fuelled by revenge—attempt to take down the monster that has been causing havoc in its wake, they are forced to seek help from an unexpected source. And after the resultant struggles and battles, things will never be the same ever again.

A modern, urban reworking of a classic fairy tale, the novella RED & novel Blood RED put the horror spin on an old favourite. If you dare to open these pages, you’ll find a terrifying trip into the unknown courtesy of bestselling and award-winning author Paul Kane (the sell-out Hooded Man series, Lunar, Monsters). With an introduction from bestselling author Alison Littlewood (Path of Needles, The Unquiet House), cover art and design by Dave McKean (Cages, MirrorMask), plus a whole host of extras exclusive to the Signed Limited Hardcover Edition—including an extract from the award-winning movie script adaptation of RED—this is a collector’s item not to be missed.

Opening Sentence

What I Thought
This was a brilliant novella, just dark and gory enough without being extreme. The opening prologue is fantastic. Kane grabbed me by the throat from the first page and refused to let go. I liked everything about Red. I thought Rachael was a great character and she carried the story well. I loved the creepiness and the dark atmosphere. I loved Red.

This was a brilliant short novel and an excellent conclusion to Red. Even though Blood Red is a sequel to Red it can be read as a stand-alone-piece. You don’t need to have read the original novella to follow what’s going on. I loved the way this short novel developed and how the gaps from Red are filled. This is proper horror, creepy and unsettling but brilliant. I love the twisted take on Little Red Riding Hood. Who doesn’t love dark and twisted tales inspired by disturbing and unsettling fairy-tales? I loved every page.

I had a great time reading Red and Blood Red. Paul Kane’s work has impressed me so far (I reviewed his story collection, Monsters recently.

I’d highly recommend Blood Red.




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