The Best American Poetry 2015
Scribner (ebook), 2011
240 Pages

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I was given a free copy by the publisher in exchange for a review via NetGalley.

The premier anthology of contemporary American poetry continues with an exceptional volume edited by award-winning novelist and poet Sherman Alexie.

Since its debut in 1988, The Best American Poetry has become a mainstay for the direction and spirit of American poetry. Each volume in the series presents the year’s most extraordinary new poems and writers. Guest editor Sherman Alexie’s picks for The Best American Poetry 2015 highlight the depth and breadth of the American experience. Culled from electronic and print journals, the poems showcase some of our leading luminaries—Amy Gerstler, Terrance Hayes, Ron Padgett, Jane Hirshfield—and introduce a number of outstanding younger poets taking their place in the limelight.

A leading figure since his breakout poetry collection The Business of Fancydancing in 1992, Sherman Alexie won the National Book Award for his novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. He describes himself as “lucky enough to be a full-time writer” and has written short stories, novels, screenplays, and essays—but he is at his core a poet. As always, series editor David Lehman’s foreword assessing the state of the art kicks off the book, followed by an introductory essay in which Alexie discusses his selections. The Best American Poetry 2015 is a guide to who’s who and what’s happening in American poetry today.


The new news I love you my nudist
The new news is I love you my Buddhist

The Best American Poetry 2015 is a really enjoyable anthology of poetry. This collection contains poems for almost every style and technique; rhyming poems, poems written in strict rhythm and metre, free verse and poems that have a little bit of everything. The poems themselves also deal with a wide range of themes and are grounded in reality and fantasy. This anthology has something to suit every taste. I really enjoyed reading this anthology without knowing what the next poem had to offer. I liked the imagery used, the lack of imagery, the simple language and the complex language. I must admit, I don’t think I’ve read any of the poets before so this anthology was a treat – a big box of tempting chocolates, each with a different flavour. A box, or book of treats to gorge on. I’d highly recommend The Best American Poetry 2015.




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