Evocations by James Brogden
The Alchemy Press (ebook), 2015
266 Pages

Author Website

Amazon (UK)

I was given a free copy by the publisher in exchange for a review.

It can be boring waiting to become a ghost. New York has alligators in the sewers, but did you know that Birmingham has man-eating octopuses in its canals. What sacrifices were they prepared to offer to build the railway? What was it that crashed into the Land Rover’s front bumper? How can she escape from captivity, from a room high in a tower block? What is it that his the non-existent hand touches? Discover these chilling horrors and more.

The doctors who amputated Alex’s left arm below the elbow told him he would suffer phantom pains as the nerve endings in the stump tried to keep telling his brain that something was very wrong down there (THE PHANTOM LIMB)

Evocations is really enjoyable collection of stories. I do like my horror and have since I was a kid. I love fiction that unsettles me. The stories in this collection managed to scare, unnerve and unsettle me without resorting to shock tactics like excess blood and gore. Every story was strong and there were none I didn’t enjoyed. I did have my favourites: The Last Dance Of Humphrey Bear, The Decorative Water Feature Of Nameless Dread, The Curzon Street Horror and Mob Rule. I enjoyed the other stories but these had more of an impact. I’d highly recommend Evocations.

Stories included:

  • The Phantom Limb
  • The Evoked
  • The Last Dance Of Humphrey Bear
  • How To Get Ahead In Advertising
  • Junk Male
  • The Decorative Water Feature Of Nameless Dread
  • The Gestalt Princess
  • The Smith Of Hockley
  • If Street
  • Mob Rule
  • The Gas Street Octopus
  • DIYary Of The Dead
  • The Curzon Street Horror
  • The Remover Of Obstacles
  • Made From Locally Sourced Ingredients
  • The Pigeon Bride
  • Tourmaline (extract)




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