The Funny Thing Is…. by Ellen DeGeneres
Simon & Schuster (ebook), 2003
192 Pages

Publisher Website

Amazon (UK)

I borrowed this ebook from my library and read it on my Kobo.

I’m exhausted.

The Funny Thing Is… is Ellen’s second collection of humorous essays and anecdotes. Ellen offers insight into her psyche and humorous observations on everyday life.

I chose to read this for the ‘a funny book’ category for my Popsugar Reading Challenge 2015. I was browsing my libraries e-book catalogue when I stumbled across this. I think Ellen is great and very funny. I haven’t watched her on TV for years but remember how much I used to enjoy her. I read an excerpt and decided to read the whole thing for my challenge. This is a non-fiction book. I read very little non-fiction. The weird thing is, four of the remaining titles for the challenge (including this one) are non-fiction.

I had a really good time reading The Funny Thing Is… Ellen has my kind of humour and large chunks of this book were hilarious. This book is quite light to read and doesn’t stretch the old grey matter too much. The Funny Thing Is…. made me snort and giggle (and get odd looks) in my canteen at work. Some of the funniest bits were: Ellen’s fantasy celebrity brunch at the start (including called Eminem Auntie Em) and Ellen being arrested for being in a car naked with an also naked low up doll. The Funny Thing Is…. will make you laugh until a pea (or a piece of sweetcorn) come out your nose.




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