Book Review: The Telling Error by Sophie Hannah

telling error

The Telling Error by Sophie Hannah

Hodder Paperbacks (Paperback), 2014

384 Pages 


All she wanted to do was take her son’s forgotten sports kit to school.

So why does Nicki Clements drive past the home of controversial newspaper columnist Damon Blundy eight times in one day? Blundy has been murdered, and the words ‘HE IS NO LESS DEAD’ daubed on his wall – in red paint, not blood. And, though Blundy was killed with a knife, he was not stabbed. Why?

Nicki, called in for questioning, doesn’t have any of the answers police are looking for. Nor can she tell them the truth, because although she is not guilty of murder, she is far from innocent. And the words on the wall are disturbingly familiar to her, if only she could remember where she has heard them before.


It can’t be him. All policemen wear high-visibility jackets these days. Lots must have sand-coloured hair that’s a little bit wavy. In a minute he’ll turn around and I’ll see his face and laugh at myself for panicking.


I really enjoyed The Telling Error.

I’ve read a few of Hannah’s crime novels now and tend to enjoy them. Her crime novels tend to be full of twists and turns that keep me guessing until the end and odd-ball characters. The Telling Error is no exception. Right until the page when Hannah reveals the killer, I was still trying to work it all out in my head. I thought the characters were complex and fascinating in The Telling Error. I liked the way Hannah builds tension and slowly reveals what’s going on. I liked the examples of Damon’s columns and twitter posts included. This was a nice touch and gave some insight in his character. The Telling Error is an excellent domestic crime novel. Well worth a read.




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