Deadville by Kate Daniels

Smashwords (e-book) 2011

375 pages

I downloaded this for free from 


Florida may be the land of the nearly dead, but Cat Lovelace’s new job as a ghost tour guide is killing her. It may seem like a strange choice of profession, but she has a re-emerging talent for the job. For Cat, the ghost stories aren’t just legend; she often sees the characters walking around. It’s a talent she tries to keep under wraps, lest she become the town’s living, breathing, Magic Eight Ball.

A chance encounter in a graveyard sends Cat into the arms of William Harston, a mysterious business man with a secret. When Will’s dead wife starts haunting her, Cat soon finds out that her boyfriend has some serious baggage.

Choc full of ghosts, vampires, intrigue, small town politics, werewolves, and homicidal Dutch seafood chefs, Deadville is a hilarious romp through the supernatural South. You won’t want to put it down. 


‘You’re hired’

‘What? Really?’ I knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, or for that matter, a no-nonsense fifty-something southern bell. But I hadn’t prepared for this. At twenty-five, and fresh off a failed stab as a New York actor, I never expected to move home and land a paying gig.


This was my first time reading Kate Daniels.

I thought, Deadville was great. Daniels offers a well-written, fun supernatural romp. I had a blast reading Deadville. I thought the title was great and fit the tone of the novel perfectly. Deadville is set in the deep south and I usually don’t like fiction set in this part of the USA. Deadville was the exception. I thought the setting was perfect. Cat was a great main character. I loved her name, Cat Lovelace. Cool name. The use of a first person narrator works really well in Deadville. I enjoyed every second of Deadville. Daniels offers a good mix of funny and series moments. Deadville is not a serious novels but isn’t supposed to be. Deadville is what is it says on the tin, fun supernatural junk food. What’s not to enjoy? 




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