314 Book 3 by A.R Wise

Smashwords (e-book), 2014 

329 pages


Alma Harper and her friends have been struggling to figure out the puzzle of lies that have been weaved in the town of Widowsfield. They’ve escaped the grasp of The Watcher, but now The Skeleton Man is free as well, and no one is certain what he’s capable of.

The Watcher in the Walls is forced to craft new lies, and weave a new nightmare in Widowsfield, but he longs for the return of the Harpers. As his world crumbles, he knows that the ones he’s influenced will return, and that everything can begin again.

As the clock ticks down, and March 14th approaches, all will be revealed. The true conspiracy will come to light, and each player will learn their role. The Skeleton Man will have his revenge.


‘So you don’t believe in ghosts?’ asked Wendell.

Pierce groaned and shook his head. ‘Look man, we’ve been through this before. Sorry, but I don’t believe in that sort of thing. Never have, never will’.

‘Even after all the stuff I sent you?’ Wendell loaded his paper plate with the pizza that had just been delivered. He’d invited his friend over to drink beers and watch a bad movie, a tradition they’d shared ever since they were in high school.


I loved this conclusion to The Widowsfield Trilogy.  Wise really pulls out all the stops in the final volume.  The pace in book 3 is much slower than the other two volumes. 314 Book 3 did not have as many twists and time shifts so I wasn’t constantly scratching my head wondering where the next twist was coming from. I really liked the way Wise fills in back story in 314 Book 3 and things start to make sense. I really liked finding out what really happened in Widowsfield sixteen years before. I also liked finding out how this was linked with a similar experiment 50 years before. He dots finally connected in 314 Book 3. I really enjoyed the previous two volumes but found the conclusion segment the most enjoyable. I noticed the gore and violence has toned down a little in 314 Book 3. I didn’t have any issue with blood and gore in the previous volumes but it was nice to see the tone slow down a bit as well as the pace. I loved the way Wise managed to pull all the threads and plots together in 314 Book 3 so everything made sense. 314 Book 3 is a well-written conclusion to a great trilogy. I’ll read 314 again one day but this time would read all three books together.

I have downloaded the first part of Wise’s other series Deadlocked on my kobo. I will read it someday but not for a while.  I have a lot of stuff to read.  




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